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Last night I had my girlfriends over for dinner and catch up time. I have realized for a while now that nothing compares to the soul fulfilling time my girlfriends and I share. The relationship between girls is unique and special.

When you are lucky enough to find the right people to call your girls there is nothing else that compares.

We started out with wine and no surprise it kept flowing. From the minute they walked through my door the laughter began. Hugs all around. The real deal. No masks of who we were suppose to be, or who we thought someone wanted us to be. And let me tell you. It was bliss. The feeling I could say or do anything and these girls would love and enjoy me anyway was liberating. I know they felt the same. When we are together it is our safe haven. Food for our souls.

flamingoFridayWe have now invented what we call “Flamingo Friday”, and have been known more Fridays than not to break out into a dance party of epic proportions that we will never forget! As I move forward in reinventing my true self, embracing myself for who I am faults and all; I know the anchor of my girlfriends will always be there for me. And I for them.

So here’s to girlfriends in all of our lives. Our true soul mates!

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