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Finding Yourself In Sedona

Behind the beauty of the red rock landscape, the earth vibrates with energy, and the landscape pulses with something other worldly and indescribable.  As you walk along the paths within the red rock mountains you start to feel a part of the earth, the land, and the air. Embrace this. Live in it. Be it.

As your skin begins to tingle with a warm visceral energy, feel it. There is no other feeling like it. Let yourself go, and truly breath in the experience.

It is real. Vortexes of energy within the landscape are known to bathe those who come in contact with them with an energy field that actually causes a physical reaction. I have experienced this energy. It was truly life changing. People visit Sedona from all edges of  the world to experience these surging energy pools that help them embark on the beginning of their journey of self-reinvention, self-exploration, and spiritual healing and enlightenment.

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Embrace The Energy, Embrace Yourself

As I walked along the path within the red rock I became aware of forces much deeper at work than I could see. I became more alert of the beauty of my surroundings, the feeling of the breeze and the warmth of the sun on my skin. I noticed a huge butterfly fluttering around me, guiding me towards what I did not know then was the beginning of my journey towards, renewal, inspiration and enlightenment.



My butterfly stopped on a flower in front of me. I slowly walked towards it barely breathing for fear she would fly away.

She let me get so close I touched her wing for a split second. In that moment I truly felt I had been blessed. The beauty and awe of that butterfly willing to trust me enough to let me touch her was humbling. I carried that feeling with me, and followed my butterfly along the trail until she stopped in a small enclave by a brook.
As I walked into that little opening off the trail everything and everyone around me seemed to fade away.

It was only myself and nature. And then I felt it. A swirling, tingling energy caressing my body and soul.

Within that moment in time, I felt peace, calm and centered as I had never felt before. I breathed it in not wanting to let go. It is unexplainable that feeling. All I can say is I felt as though a force outside of anything I could understand welcomed me and showed me the magic and power it held in those red rocks, and I held within myself.

Anyone exploring their journey of self-discovery, reinvention and enlightenment should definitely explore Sedona and the magical gifts it offers among the red rocks. If you truly enfold yourself in the experience you will not be disappointed.

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For ideas and options of how to explore Sedona I found and to be helpful.
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By Elyse Resnick

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