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Dear Karma I Have A List Of People You Missed

We all have those people in our lives that have hurt us so badly or been so mean to us we simply can not forget.

When an incident happens in my life that is so horrific I know it will stick with me due to how another person behaves; I add that person to my Karma List. This does not mean I wish them harm. It means it makes me feel better to know that one day they will experience an equally horrible incident or someone will treat them even worse than they treated me or my loved ones, and hopefully they will learn from that experience and become a better person.

A couple of examples of people that are on my list are:

1. The mean boy in Junior High (yes we called it Junior High) that spit in my face and called me a “Dirty Jew.”

2. The mean women in my home town that…well were really hurtful and nasty and I still avoid them when I see them. They are really just mean girls who turned into mean unhappy women.

3. The man I loved for several years who turned around and decided I didn’t fit into his life anymore after I said I would spend mine with him. I really do wish he finds a way to open up his heart and let love in.

4. My best friend’s ex-husband, who continues to bully her and make her life miserable. Give it up already and move on.

5. The coach that emotionally beat down my son so badly he actually lost his love and passion for his sport.

I bring up these examples because I am guessing everyone who reads this has had at least one similar experience in their lives. I want to tell you not to dwell on it or let it fester. Don’t let it define you. Move past it, and put the person on your Karma List. They will get what they deserve. I have seen it happen.

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