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Senior Year Checklist

Get ready parents and Seniors! This is the last stretch to the finish line of your high-school career and the starting gate to your new college journey! You are almost there!

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Take Me With You To College!

As I sit here writing at 12:30 a.m., I am trying to put into words how painfully difficult it is to get my head around my eldest son being grown up and leaving in two months. I know I should be thrilled and excited for him and his new adventures.  I am. Really. It is just so hard to imagine my life in this house, in this town, and during my days without him. I am so mad at myself for allowing my sadness and fears to dampen my joy of this time with him. Continue Reading

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Joy And Sorrow What A Weird Combination

After months of helping my son with his college application process and decisions, he has finally made his choice! What an unbelievable experience. I think I have felt every emotion possible over this last year. Continue Reading

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Why A Launching Year Series?


The Launching Year Series

This year is my first “Launching Year”. A term I made up for the year I am launching my first born, Tyler, into college and the world.  I have decided to do a series on this, as there is so much for parents to know not only about the practical issues of what needs to be done, such as college applications and decisions, but on the emotional side as well. Continue Reading

Blog, College, college admissions, Launching Year Series, senior year

Junior Year Checklist For College Readiness

Junior Year

Fall Semester
  • Register for the PSAT in October
  • Register for SAT and/or ACT for late winter (SAT) (ACT) Continue Reading

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