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Just Say “NO”

It was the fall of 1998 when I had just started my first business as a marketing communications writer. Most of my clients hired me for newsletters, brochures, and sales materials, but I would get the occasional request for something different. At the time I was too naive to consider saying “no” to any project that didn’t fit me perfectly. (Especially when I was living paycheck to paycheck.) Continue Reading

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Women Have Different Retirement Needs Than Men

It makes sense when looking at all of the research that women have different and unique retirement needs than men. There are several reasons for this:

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The Power Of Positive Thinking

I have always been a huge advocate of the idea that thinking or feeling positive, even in a negative situation can change a person’s entire outlook on the situation. The concept that putting positive things into the universe will return positive things back to you is one I live by.

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Attract the New and Better U

“To Attract the New and Better, Purge the Old and Stagnant”

Whenever I’m feeling stuck and want to attract new and better ideas or opportunities, I clean out my file cabinet.

Yes. That’s one big secret!
I clean out my file cabinet.
Can’t explain exactly how it works, but it does. Continue Reading

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