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Advocate For Yourself and Your Worth at Work

It is a widely known statistic that women working equal jobs to men only get paid 78% of their male counterparts. There are many explanations about this unfairness, however, no matter what the reason or excuse it simply is just not right.

Have the courage to break through social discrimination.

It is important for women to break through the corporate and social discrimination barriers and rewrite the norm. Many women sit back and just accept that they are paid less for working the same or even more hours than men, as it has not been acceptable for them to be assertive. Where a man is assertive or a great negotiator, a woman is too aggressive and pushy.

You are your best advocate.

Women need to learn to assert themselves in order to get what they need as far as salary and job promotions.  They need to educate and arm themselves with tools to help them stand up for what they deserve and need. The article “WOMAN, MONEY AND WHY ASKING FOR MORE IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA”, by is a great description of just how women can get what they need in the workplace.

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