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Hi there! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Elyse Resnick. After years of changing, growing, reinventing and finally beholding myself, I have decided to write a blog and start a website for women of all ages who would like to do the same.  Do you ever say to yourself, “Is this it?” and “I know I am so much more?”? Get unstuck sister!

Short Background History

I met my husband at seventeen, and after receiving my M.S. in Educational Psychology, married him at 24. I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, had two great sons, moved all over the country and Mexico City as a corporate wife and stay at home mom, got divorced, worked again, and raised my two boys who are now 19 and 20 as a single mom for 9 years. (That is just a very condensed explanation of my life.) I now have come full circle, and reached the place in my life where I can behold and enjoy who I am and what I am about. Part of the reinvention of myself into who I am today is starting this blog/website business.

Here is how my story of reinvention started.


As I sat in my running car after rolling into the garage on that cold snowy morning in February; I felt as though I could not breathe. The pain sliced through me like I have never felt before. I thought “How easy it would be to just open the car windows, and go to sleep?” As I sat there for I don’t know how long I thought of my two beautiful little boys I had just dropped off at the bus stop. This was so unfair to them. The destruction of the family they deserved. Then it hit me. What the hell was I doing? Those boys need me. I was the only stable and consistent person in their life. I was the only one who could get them through the shock they were going to have when they found out their dad was not going to live with us anymore. That realization shocked me into climbing out of the car and promising myself no matter what, I would somehow get myself through this horror that was now my life, as my husband decided after 21 years of being together since we were teenagers that he wanted a different life. 

My road was not an easy one. I had no idea how to be anything other than a mom and wife. How does one go from being one-half of a power couple in a global corporation to, well, no one? That was my mistake. I was looking at my entire identity as the corporate wife and mom. I was so much more. I was educated with a Master’s degree in Psychology, as well as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I was a writer, an athlete, a friend, a sister,  a comedian, an entrepreneur and well…a really awesome dancer..in my own mind. I was so many other things I forgot I was! I decided I was not going to let him break me. I decided, as I walked through the garage that day, I was going to reinvent myself, and become the strongest, smartest most fabulous version of myself, and THAT would be my best revenge.

It has been 10 years since the first day of the rest of my life. I am so happy I did not give up and end my life. I am so grateful I get to see who I allowed myself to become, and who I am still becoming. It has taken hard work, walking through the fear, grief, pain, joy, soul searching, a lot of crying (the wipe the snot off your face kind) and tons of laughter (the pee your pants kind). Today I am who I set out to be.

I opened up my private practice and helped others work through their pain, and use it to reinvent themselves into a more wonderful version. I started this blog, something I only dreamed for years of doing but didn’t have the courage to do until now.

IMG_2060I have raised my boys as a single mom into strong, smart, kind successful young men in their own right. (Pic from Prom two years ago)

I have given my boys and myself a home, a community, roots, and the sense we are all a part of something bigger than we are. 

I have become friends with my ex-husband and we raise our boys together as co-parents.

I made us a family again. It is not the family I envisioned, but a family all the same.

I am happier than I ever have been.

I can’t wait to share with you all of my stories, ideas, information and tools so you too can reinvent and behold your most fabulous you!

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  • Adrienne N April 15, 2015 at 3:21 AM

    What a beautiful story!

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